About Bell Cove Club

I’m Emily Jones (previously Emily Spence) and I’m a freelance photographer and graphic designer living in Nashville, Tenn. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but I spent my first 18 years in the great city of Memphis where I was exposed to many amazing people, experiences and opportunities from day one. Memphis is the place that taught me to love life (and barbeque. and music). Bowling Green, Ky., was the town of awakening for me–while attending Western Kentucky University and earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Photojournalism (and minor in Graphic Design), I grew up and learned how to take meaningful pictures. I also learned how to have a very, very good time. Since then, I’ve lived in Chicago, Ill. (while interning at the Naperville Sun); Lexington, Ky. (while interning at the Lexington Herald Leader); Knoxville, Tenn. (while interning at the Knoxville News Sentinel), and now in Nashville as a freelancer. The people and places I’ve been graced by along the way have made me the person I am today. For that I am grateful.

Take a look at my pictures and design. I hope they reflect the excitement I feel for life and every person I meet.

My design: http://www.lemonboxdesign.wordpress.com

Emily Jones




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