Nashville for the Savvy Few.

{My friends David + Patrice crossing Broadway in downtown Nashville.}

As a woman of much knowledge and appreciation for the authenticity in any place (despite how hard it can oft be to find), I am sometimes asked about the best things to do in said place.

Here’s a list of my favorite things to do, eat and see in Nashville, including some must-do’s, if you’re an out-of-towner (this particular list was compiled for “savvy ladies” so it is skewed in that direction), complete with addresses.

Local Honey_ 2009 Belmont Blvd
Anthropologie_ 4031 Hillsboro Pk
Pangaea_ 1721 21st Ave S
Southern Thrift_ 5010 Charlotte Pk
Fanny’s House of Music + Vintage_ 1101 Holly St
Boomerang Finer Thrift_ 2207 8th Ave S
Pre To Post Modern_ 2110 8th Ave S
Wonders On Woodland_ 1110 Woodland St

Goldrush_ 2205 Elliston Pl
Athens Greek_ 2526 Franklin Pk
Loveless Cafe_ 8400 TN 100
Mikado Hibachi_ 410 Metroplex Dr
PM_ 2017 Belmont Blvd
Batter’d + Fried_ 1008 Woodland St
Rosepepper_ 1907 Eastland Ave
Mitchell’s Deli_ 1402 Mcgavock Pk
The Wild Cow_ 1896 Eastland Ave
The Silly Goose_ 1888 Eastland Ave
Bongo Java_ 2007 Belmont Blvd, 107 S 11th St
Fido_ 1812 21st Ave S
Sip_ 1402 McGavock Pk
Taco Mamacita_ 1200 Villa Pl
Las Paletas_ 2907 12th Ave S

Lover’s Circle
Mercy Lounge
The Frist
Hillsboro Village area
East Nashville area
12th Ave S area
Shelby Bottoms
Percy Warner Park
Radnor Lake
Country Music Hall of Fame
Hatch Show Print


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