I’d take them all home, if I could.

EMILY SPENCE/KNOXVILLE NEWS SENTINEL – Tuesday, September 16, 2008 The Union County Humane Society on Hickory Star Road in Maynardville opened their new 6,000-square foot facility on July 19, 2008. It is the first shelter of its kind in the county — the first place for people to bring animals without homes. The shelter includes indoor and outdoor dog kennels, a “cat cottage,” and a kitten room. Executive Director Tammy Rouse said they’ve taken in 1550 animals since January. Volunteer Richard West of Maynardville is retired and likes coming in to check on the kittens. “I’d take them all home if I could,” he said.

On a sidenote, this picture along with 3 others ran in the paper on Wednesday. I called to let the folks at the shelter know it had run and when I called the woman said “Oh I know, honey, people have been calling all day.” Several of the pictured animals had been adopted already that day, and this particular kitten, whom we will probably call Chester, and who currently has no name, will most likely be adopted by my roommate. Crazy. :]


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